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Psych and Apple

January 28, 2010

Psych a USA network comedy-drama crime show had its mid season premiere Wednesday at 10. Psych follows Shawn Spencer and Gus Buster. Shawn has the ability to notice small details which he fakes as being psych. Gus is his best friend from high school how helps Shawn out in cases. Shawn and Gus are not actually cops they just work for the Santa Barbara police department. They assist Juliet and Carlton, cops for the SBPD, on cases. The episode featured John Cena as a guest star playing a Juliet’s brother a former Armed Service men.

Also on Wednesday was Apples press conference in San Fransisco where they announced the iPad. Its a wireless computer device which runs the iphone os and connects to the internet with a 3g network. The highly anticipated rumors of a second company’s iphone where not mentioned in the press conference. Nothing on Verizon or T-Mobile getting an iphone where mentioned or denied. I personally am praying for a Verizon iphone.


Wednesday 1/27/2010

January 27, 2010

This is a blog about television, movies, and music. I am a media junky, if their was a class in pop culture i would take it. On Tuesday i was supposed to watch ABC’s Scrubs. Scrubs is in its 9th and most likely final season. It, before the 9th season, followed J.D a doctor and his friends as they went through the day. They would have personal stories and patient stories mixed together. I always forget to watch Scrubs because I was never where the tv was. I “power watched” my way through rented dvds of Scrubs all the way till season 7. I watched season 8 on tv. So now i watch Scrubs on