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CDMA iPhone

March 30, 2010

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a Asian company is in the works of a CDMA iPhone that would work on sprint and Verizon. The report from an anonymous source said that the new iPhone would be ready in September. There have been several picture of a supposed iPhone for verizon with a bigger screen and a front camera. Experts predict that if Verizon lands an iPhone millions of people will get iPhones, also causing AT&Ts customers to jump to verizon which could be the downfall of AT&T.


Final Four

March 29, 2010

Duke, West Virgina, Michigan State, and Butler are the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament final four teams. Duke and West Virgina play against each other, and Butler and Michigan State play. The final four includes a #1 team, #2 team, and two #5 teams. The Final four is in Indianapolis this year. Butler is right outside of Indianapolis. Duke is the farthest away from Indy.


NCAA Tournament & Lost

March 27, 2010

Duke has advanced into the elite 8 and is playing Baylor tommorow. Duke Women’s is playing San Diego State an 11 seed today in the sweet 16.  This weeks episode was one of the most anticipated episodes of the entire series. We finally got a back story on Richard. 99% of the episode is Richard’s back story with only a few on island scenes. We finally get to see why Richard never ages. There is a lot learned in this episode about the show.


March Madness!

March 22, 2010

College basketball has been very good this year: Only 1 ACC team has made it to the Sweet 16, multiple double-digit seeds have made it to the sweet 16, Cornell has broken the record for most wins by an Ivy League school in one year with 29, the overall #1 seed lost in the top 32 to a 9 seed. My favorite team Duke has made it back to the Sweet 16 for the first time in awhile. No North Carolina, UCLA, UConn, or other big powerhouse school are in the dance this year. The Nit has mulitple past NCAA winners.


The Lovely Bones & Lost

March 19, 2010

The Lovely Bones is a movie that follows a family whos daughter was murdered by a serial killer. The dad and sister of the daughter try to figure out what happens when the police can not. The daughter is in the inbetween of earth and heaven when she is killed and she helps guide her dad’s actions with her eartly presence.

Lost has only a couple episodes left and its getting amazing, so if you have not seen Lost start, not from the current episodes, but from the begginning.


Alice, You’ve returned!

March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland was fantastic. Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and  Helena Bonham Carter team up again in this Tim Burton Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. If you have seen Tim Burton’s adaptation of Choclate factory then you know what kind of dark word to expect in this movie. The movie is sort of a sequel as it appears that Alice has already been to Wonderland before. The movie features a realtize newcomer as the lead.


Ticket to Ride

March 6, 2010

Ticket to Ride is a European board game that has become popular outside of Europe. The board is based of a map, depending on which version of the game you have, I have played the Europe and USA verison. The board has cities that are connected by train outlines. These trains have a color: red, orange, pink, blue, black, green, or yellow. On you turn you can either build, take train cards or destination cards. To start you are given 3 destinations which you must complete. To complete a destination card you draw cards that correspond to the color train segment you wanna build. Your destinations will have two cities on them that you must connect together with a train. Players take turns tring to complete there destinations. Often your opponent will take a segment that you need and this is what really makes the game good.

Layout of the board with a couple train having been played