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NBA Playoffs

May 5, 2010

So the NBA playoffs are towards the middle point and the Lakers and the Celtics look strong. The teams that advanced to the second round are: Celtics, Cavilers, Magic, Hawks, Lakers, Jazz, Spurs, and Suns. The favorites to be in the Championship game are the Lakers and the Cavaliers. I pick the last four teams standing to be the Celtics, Magic, Lakers, and Suns.


Websites to know

May 3, 2010

People of Walmart is a website where you can go and look at pictures taken by people at Walmart of people that look/dress retarded. I personally have seen a lady dressed as a pirate at walmart before and tried to take a picture but i could not find her anymore.

Stumble is a website where you put in some categories and it “stumbles” upon them. It brings you to websites based on what you search. You can hit like/dislike and next and forward to make it easy.

Sporcle is a website that is full of quizes. You can take relegion, sports, lit, tv, movies, random, etc quizes.


Treasure Isle

May 2, 2010

Treasure Isle is a new game on Facebook by Zynga the same company that brings farmville and mafia wars. Treasure Isle has you explore different islands and dig up treasure. Treasure is divided up into different groups that are made up of 5 different items that you trade in for coins. As you level up you gain the right to buy different items that you use to decorate your home island.