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Power of Madonna

April 21, 2010


Last nights Glee episode was entitled the “Power of Madonna.” Sue Sylvester is a huge Madonna fan and tries to walk in here footsteps. She has here cheerleading squad do some Madonna numbers. Will Schuester the Glee coach watches the Cheerleaders and decides to have his kids also do Madonna. Vogue is the featured song of the epiosde but many Madonna songs where used.


Ghost Whisperer and Glee

April 9, 2010

I just watched the new episode of Ghost Whisperer about a confued ghost that shows up in Melinda’s house dressed as a clown. This episode brings new things to light involving the shinnies and the shadows. Glee returns next week after a long break. This season will feautre Madonna and Lady Gaga songs as well as the guest starring of Neil Patric Harris and Molly Shannon.